20.05.2017 – SHRED Tour-Ette #2

Bands: Shredhammer, The Helldozers
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr I Einlass: 19.00 Uhr
Abendkasse: 6,- €
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Imagine your first metalband back in the day that you and your friends started in pursuit of your
heroes but only this time being serious about it.
All the members of Shredhammer walked down that road seeking their future as musicians touring
the world and living their dream but had to let it go for some time due to someone not willing to
take a risk. Well this band is formed out of Lifers and molded from the burning will to take a stand! Shredhammer
is the unfiltered mixture of it’s members influences all soaking into the songs and giving birth to a lovechild of possessed Metalcraziness and unbreakable Will.

Facebook: fb.com/Shredhammer

Roh, laut und ungeschliffen, so klingen The Helldozers aus Köln. Sie vereinen seit der Bandgründung 2010 Einflüsse aus Groove-, Southern- und Thrashmetal zu einer ganz eigenen, hochexplosiven Mischung. Nach zwei EPs (»My Anger«, 2011 und »Revolution«, 2012) und einer LP (»Hate Sweet Hate«, 2013) erschien am 11.11.2016 die aktuelle LP »Carnival«.

Facebook: fb.com/thehelldozers